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Finger Biter on DriveThruRPG

Set in 1920s Scotland, this adventure sends the investigators on a journey to find who or what has been stealing fingers. What is the connection between the missing fingers and an old tale of gold, madness and death?

Pay what you want. You can want to pay nothing.


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The Citizenship Question

The United States Constitution requires a census every 10 years. While it might seem a trivial matter, the data is critical: it determines how many…

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Libra: Facebucks

As was presumably inevitable, Facebook has begun its entry into the realm of cryptocurrency. Rather than going with the obvious “Facebucks”, the company calls the…

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Soap, Toothpaste and Migrant Children

The Trump administration set off yet another firestorm when it was revealed that migrant children were being detained without access to such basic items as…

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