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Ice Cream Man

This Call of Cthulhu adventure transforms one of the classic joys of summer, the ice cream truck, into a vehicle of nightmares.  A bereaved father wants the investigators to kill the ice cream man. Is he insane or is the ice cream man a monster? Or both?

Pay what you want; you can want to pay nothing.


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Jen Stark’s New Kaleidoscopic Works in ‘Dimensionality’

With “Dimensionality,” Jen Stark‘s vibrant sculptures, paintings, and installations take over Joshua Liner Gallery with her illusionary talents. The show, which began this week and…

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Impeach/Prosecute Trump?

The Impeach Trump people were bitterly disappointed by Robert Mueller’s report and his press conference. As Trump has tweeted, Mueller found insufficient evidence to show…

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Arghavan Khosravi’s Paintings Take Influence from Home Country’s History

Iran-born painter Arghavan Khosravi creates surreal scenes that blend historical Persian motifs and pop cultural iconography. The artist’s own statement says that she is “deeply…

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